Joint Declaration

The Pledge:

We pledge to work towards the objective of Joint Declaration through:

At the Government Level

  • Safe Construction: to accord priority to safety considerations in design and construction of government projects.

  • Monitor and Support: to ensure that risks to people’s safety and health at work are properly managed by legislative and contractual enforcement, education and promotion.

At an Organisational Level:

  • Strong Commitment: to lead by visible and active commitment and leadership from the top management to nurture a proactive safety culture within the organisation.

  • Adequate Resources: to procure adequate human and financial resources for the establishment, maintenance and implementation of a robust safety management system and all associated safety measures, and to manage its performance.

  • Continuous Risk Assessments: to identify, assess and mitigate construction risks throughout the life cycle of a construction project.

  • Adequate Training and Promotion: to provide safety training and arrange safety promotion activities for all levels of stakeholders.

  • Caring Culture: to foster a caring culture on construction sites.

  • Effective Communication: to maintain effective communication with supervisors and workers throughout the supply chain and engage them in all aspects of safety management.

At an Individual Level:

  • Strict Compliance: to follow safety and health instructions and procedures in strict compliance with legal requirements and in-house rules.

  • Active Participation: to participate actively in safety and health training and promotional activities.

  • Communication: to maintain good communication with their supervisors and co-workers on all safety issues.

  • Responsibility: to be responsible for the safety of the individual and care about others’ safety on construction sites.

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