Innovative Safety Initiative Award 2013 Winning List

Award Ref. No. Contractor Title of Submission Innovation description
GoldISIA 063Yau Lee Construction Company LimitedS3 Phone Download ppt
(122.77 MB)
GoldISIA 097Gammon Construction LimitedAutomatic Power Cut-off Device for Electricity Distribution Board Download ppt
(11.76 MB)

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GoldISIA 028CLP Engineering LimitedSecure Decking Download ppt
(6.32 MB)
SilverISIA 070Shui On Building Contractors LimitedSelf Initiative Inspection Apps - "InspectGo" Download ppt
(74.78 MB)
SilverISIA 053Samsung - Hsin Chong Joint VentureUse of Android Devices in Construction Site View video
SilverISIA 080Leighton - John Holland Joint VentureSliding Lifting Collar for Percussive Piling Download ppt
(9.34 MB)
SilverISIA 046Kum Shing (K.F.) Construction Co., Ltd.Easy Door Dismantle Download ppt
(6.8 MB)
BronzeISIA 093Driltech Ground Engineering Ltd.New Set Up of Portable Drilling Equipment Download ppt
(7.56 MB)
BronzeISIA 035Paul Y. General Contractors Ltd.Enhancement of Integrated Working Platform for Panel Formwork Download ppt
(6.33 MB)
BronzeISIA 073Tysan Foundation LimitedInnovative Working Platform for Safe Concreting Download ppt
(19.81 MB)
BronzeISIA 026Dragages - Bouygues Joint VentureCutter head mock-up for hyperbaric workers training - Tunneling using TBMs Download ppt
(12.38 MB)
MeritISIA 013Geotechnics & Concrete Engineering (H.K.) Ltd.Tailor-made Core-box Transportation Machine Download ppt
(49.15 MB)
MeritISIA 055Vibro (H.K.) LimitedMobile Core-Box Lift Download ppt
(24.26 MB)
MeritISIA 069Shui On Building Contractors Ltd.Safety Guideline for Falsework Erection Download ppt
(24.43 MB)
MeritISIA 096Chun Wo - CRGL - MBEC Joint VentureGantry Crane Ultrasonic Warning System for Mobilization Download ppt
(7.56 MB)
MeritISIA 025China State Foundation Engineering LimitedApplication of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Safety Training for Workers in Bored Pile Rebar Cages Fabrication Work Download ppt
(8.43 MB)
MeritISIA 012China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd.屈鐵機旋轉角度顯示燈 Download ppt
(9.56 MB)
MeritISIA 006Shun Yuen Construction Company LimitedMist Diffusion System Download ppt
(118.73 MB)
MeritISIA 004Wo Hing Construction Co., Ltd.Trench Cooler Download ppt
(3.9 MB)
MeritISIA 060Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd.Safety Buckle at Lift-shaft Opening Download ppt
(9.62 MB)
MeritISIA 081Leighton Contractors (Asia) Ltd.Temporary Handrail System Download ppt
(4.61 MB)
MeritISIA 058Hip Hing Builders Co., Ltd.Horizontal Lifeline System Download ppt
(166.55 MB)