Site Safety Gathering 2021

Application Form:
Contractors and Subcontractors in New Works, RMAA and Minor Works Contracts

The main theme of Construction Safety Week 2021 (CSW 2021) is “Safety x Smart Sites”, promoting the use of innovative and smart technologies to uplift construction safety.

The organiser will provide 4 sets of VR training software on the topic of Lifting and Heavy Plant to all participating units.

Important Matters:
  • Participating units shall use VR safety training software to offer regular safety training to workers and frontline supervisors for enhancing their safety awareness in lifting safety operation and suiting their own needs.
  • The organiser may conduct site visit to participating worksite for photo shooting and video recording.
  • All participating units are deemed to provide consent to the organiser to share photos, videos and submitted PowerPoint Presentation on websites, other media or in public events for non-profit purpose.
  • Participating units shall conduct VR training under a safe environment.
  • The content of the event should not infringe any rights (including intellectual property rights, confidentiality or privacy) of any third party. In case of breaches of any law, all legal responsibilities will be borne by the participating units, and the organiser will not be held responsible.
  • If material such as music, images, recordings or videos owned by a third party is used in the safety promotion activities organized by participating units, the participating units must obtain written consent from the copyright owners. The organiser shall reserve the right to request the participating units to provide a written proof of authorization if necessary.
  • The organiser shall reserve all rights to make final decision on all matters related to this event, Participating units or companies must adhere to any decision made by the organiser.
Announcement of Successful Enrolment:
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