Summit PowerPoint

Construction Industry CouncilMr. LEE Shing See, Chairman
Mr. CHEUNG Hau Wai, Chairman of the Committee on Construction Site Safety
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Development BureauMr. WAI Chi Sing, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works)
Mr. LAM Tin Sing, Enoch,Deputy Secretary (Works)
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Hong Kong Construction AssociationMr. HO On Sing, Thomas, President
Ir Dr. K K WONG, Vice-President
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Architectural Services DepartmentMr.LEUNG Koon Kee, Director of Architectural Services 
Civil Engineering and Development DepartmentMr. HON Chi Keung, Director of Civil Engineering and Development 
Drainage Services DepartmentMr. CHAN Chi Chiu, Director of Drainage Services 
Electrical & Mechanical Services DepartmentMr. CHAN Fan Frank, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services 
Highways DepartmentMr.LUK Fuk Man, Deputy Director of Highways 
Water Supplies DepartmentMr. MA Lee Tak, Director of Water Supplies 
Buildings DepartmentMr. HUI Siu Wai, Deputy Director of Buildings 
Labour DepartmentMr. LEUNG Chun Wing David, Deputy Commissioner for Labour (Occupational Safety and Health) 
Housing AuthorityMs. Ada FUNG, Deputy Director (Development & Construction) Download ppt(CHI)
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The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong KongMr. C K LAU, Convenor, Construction Sub-Committee 
MTR CorporationMr. CHEW Tai Chong, Projects Director Download ppt(CHI)
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Hong Kong Housing SocietyMr. Franki YEUNG, Director (Projects) Download ppt(CHI)
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Airport Authority Hong KongMr. Kevin POOLE, DeputyDirector, Projects Download ppt(CHI)
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Occupational Safety and Health CouncilIrConrad WONG, Chairman 
Hong Kong General Building Contractors AssociationMr. CHAN Yiu Tung Anthony, President 
The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical ContractorsMr. CHONG Kin Lit Paul, Chairman Download ppt(CHI)
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Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General UnionMr. CHOW Luen Kiu, Chairman Download ppt(CHI)
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The Federation of Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Industries Trade UnionsMr. CHAN Chi Hin, Vice President 
The Hong Kong Federation of Occupational Safety and Health AssociationsMr.KWONG Chiu Ling, Victor,President Download ppt(CHI)
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The Hong Kong Institute of ArchitectsMs.SO Ching, Chair (Board of Practices) 
The Hong Kong Institution of EngineersIr Dr. CHAN Fuk Cheung, President Download ppt(CHI)
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The Hong Kong Institute of SurveyorsMr. Vincent HO,Chairman, Building Surveying Division Download ppt(CHI)
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The Association of Architectural PracticesMr. LAU Wing Kwong, Dennis, Chairman 
The Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong KongIr Colin CHUNG, Chairman 
The Association of Consultant Quantity SurveyorsMr. CHAN Choi Hing, Chairman 
Hong Kong Construction Subcontractors AssociationMr. Lawrence NG, President Download ppt(CHI)
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Contractor's Authorised Signatory AssociationMr. WONG Sing Lam, Chairman 
Registered Minor Works Contractor Signatory AssociationMr. CHEUNG Wai Lung, Secretary