ISIA Winning List

Health and Welfare Category

Award Ref No. Contractor Title of Submission Innovation description
Gold C1-005 Leader Kaden Joint Venture Construction Site Cease Smoking Award Scheme Video
Silver C1-001 Leader – JEC Joint Venture Mini Size of Self-fabricated Deodorization Device Video
Bronze C1-019 Hsin Chong Construction (Engineering) Limited Manual Handling Caring Programme PowerPoint
(4.47 MB)
Bronze C1-011 Gammon Construction Limited   Pedestrian Access System for protection of workersworking close to high speed road PowerPoint
(1.58 MB)
Merit C1-020 Chiu Hing Construction & Transportation CompanyLtd Provision of Innovative, Unusual Dry Toilet forsanitary convenience on site Video
Merit C1-014 Vibro (H.K.) Limited Health Care Plan PowerPoint
(4.15 MB)
Merit C1-016 China Geo-Engineering Corporation 安全健康齊做好 關愛工友要先做 Video

Safety Management System, Training and Promotion Category

Award Ref No. Contractor Title of Submission Innovation description
Gold C2-019 Yau Lee Construction Co., Limited Electronic and Real Time Permit to Work System Video
Silver C2-016 China State – Atal Joint Venture  Safety Management System – Crawler Crane Free FallFunction Video
Silver C2-012 Samsung – Hsin Chong Joint Venture Excavation Work Safety Training 3D Simulation forAccident Prevention Video
Bronze C2-003 Leader – JEC Joint Venture Enhanced Confined Space Safety Management System andProvision Video
Bronze C2-011 Yau Lee Construction Company Ltd Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on Erectionof Tower Crane  PowerPoint
(7.9 MB)
Bronze C2-002 Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd RFID Contactless Access Controlling and RecordingSystem PowerPoint
(8.14 MB)
Merit C2-013 Yau Lee Construction Co., Ltd Safety management system enhancement for workingplatform on scaffolding Video
Merit C2-008 Gammon Construction Limited Using Smartphone to carry out Risk Assessment PowerPoint
(9.04 MB)
Merit C2-005 Tysan Foundation Limited Driving Tips PowerPoint
(4.22 MB)

Operational Device Category

Award Ref No. Contractor Title of Submission Innovation description
Gold C3-018 Sanfield Engineering Construction Ltd 升降機槽金屬板模工作台 PowerPoint
(13.39 MB)
Silver C3-052 Gammon Engineering Construction Company Limited Material Hoist Supplementary Lock PowerPoint
(78.12 MB)
Silver C3-008 REC Engineering Co., Ltd 新建成樓宇電力供應及照明系統測試特別工具 Video
Bronze C3-013 Shui On Building Contractors Ltd Auxiliary Wheels Trolley Video
Bronze C3-027 Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited Extendable Platform on Works Train PowerPoint
(6.2 MB)
Bronze C3-020 Kum Shing (K.F.) Construction Company Limited Mini Waste Water Treatment Tank Video
Bronze C3-032 Hip Hing Engineering Company Limited Automatic Turn-off System Video
Merit C3-050 Vibro (H.K.) Limited Safety Operational Device: Triangular Wedges (Under Reaming Process) – Bored Pile PowerPoint
(6.25 MB)
Merit C3-051 Yau Lee Construction Co., Ltd Mobile mist sprayer Video
Merit C3-007 Chun Wo – CRGL – MBEC Joint Venture Firm Ground Testing Device – Chun Wo Probe PowerPoint
(13.68 MB)
Merit C3-040 BYME Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited Adoption of mechanical aid for floor painting (atfunction halls, AsiaWorld-Expo) PowerPoint
(18.79 MB)
Merit C3-009 Paul Y. General Contractors Limited Smart Phone Monitoring & ”QR CODE” PowerPoint
(9.47 MB)
Merit C3-036 Wo Hing Construction Company Limited Additional Guarding for Grass Cutting Machine PowerPoint
(5.09 MB)
Merit C3-045 China Geo - Engineering Corporation 流動式單向出入閘 PowerPoint
(10 MB)
Merit C3-006 Chun Fai Construction Company Ltd Danger Zone Alert Device  PowerPoint
(1.9 MB)
Merit C3-025 Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited Emergency Alert System on Slewing Plants Video
Merit C3-002 Unison Construction Engineering Ltd Activated Carbon Removal Device Video
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