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BIM TALKS x SAFETY 22.5.2019

The Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council are co-organising Construction Safety Week 2019 (20 – 27 May) with the aim of continuing to promote and reinforce the “Zero Accident” message to industry stakeholders. “Innovation in Safety” is the main theme for Construction Safety Week 2019.

A “BIM Talks x Safety” (Talks) is a new event in Construction Safety Week. The Talks aims to provide a communication platform for experts to share local experience in raising the safety level of construction industry with implementation of BIM technologies and thus enhance the exchange towards achieving the target of “Zero Accident” in the construction industry.

Deadline for Enrolment:
14.5.2019 (Tuesday)
Please contact Ms Michelle WONG of the Construction Industry Council at 2100 9034 or email to
Arrangement for Inclement weather
The “BIM Talks x Safety” (Talks) will be cancelled if the No. 8 typhoon signal or above is hoisted or the black rainstorm warning is raised 3 hours prior to commencement of the Talks (i.e. 11:30 a.m.).