Zero Accident Ambassador Award 2015

Nomination Form

(Submission Deadline: 30 June 2015)

Notes for Nomination:

  1. Nominations are open to maincontractors of all construction sites in Hong Kong who may nominate theirdirect employees and / or subcontractors’ employees for the Award.
  2. Each construction site cannominate about 10% of its totalworkforce for the Award.
  3. Contractors submitting thenominations must have signed the “Joint Declaration” to support for pursuingthe goal of “Zero Accident” on construction sites (details are available via
  4. Nominee for the Zero AccidentAmbassador Award must be a “Safety Pal” who is working on the construction sitestated in the nomination form at the time of the nomination.
  5. Nominees must meet thefollowing nomination criteria –
    • he / she has not suffered fromany work-related injury since 1 January 2014 up to the nomination; and
    • he / she has displayedoutstanding safety performance.
  6. The organiser reserves theright to take back the Award from the awardee if the organiser considers itnecessary to do so after giving out the Award.
  7. No individual employees shallbe nominated more than once for this Award. In case of repeated nomination(s),the organiser reserves the right to define one construction site for thenominated employee(s).
  8. For enquiry, please call 35098310.
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